International Society of Metal Music Studies (ISMMS)

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In October 2010, a group of metal music scholars from around the world began working to organize an international, scholarly organization to support the study of metal music and its cultures. Together, this Planning Committee has formulated a plan for officially launching ISMMS in 2011.

On this page, the Planning Committee presents founding documents for examination by interested scholars. We welcome your comments about the Code of Ethics, Mission Statement and By-Laws of ISMMS (known as "founding documents").

You can read the founding documents by clicking on the pdf file below. You may comment by posting your thoughts on this wiki, so all members of the Planning Committee can read, discuss, and reply to your comments. Comments do not constitue a vote- as there are no members of ISMMS at this point, there is no voting system.

TO COMMENT: Click on DISCUSSION at the top of the page, then click NEW POST. You may be required to sign in or create a username for security purposes.

This wiki will be available for comments through June 15, 2011. If you have questions about the wiki, or other matters, please contact the Planning Committee coordinator via email: Members of the ISMMS Planning Committee are listed on the document linked below.

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